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Selasa, 29 April 2008

I'm BACK!!

This may not the 1st time i'm blogging.
I used to have several of stupid and immature blog since my student's time. This blog may also contain bad words such as bodoh, babi, and very much rude words u ever know. Forgive me for that. Nobody is perfect.

SOMEHOW if u feel the blog is boring and irritatting, do comment or leave the blog. Feel free to do that. Peace, no war!!

As a pure malay spoken at home, my english/vocabulary/grammar might be very sucks. So in this blog ader campur-campur bahasa la... Lagipun aku punya suka arr, nak syok sendiri-cakap omputih sorang-sorang. I'm practising, man..

Ok, thats all.. TO BE CONTINUE...