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Khamis, 4 September 2008

Aku dah malas

Since having a long vacation which is not very satisfied ending, I have no mood to update after all.

These are the reasons:

  1. I've been framed as a person who trying to create a problem to a mother n daughter. What a suck holiday.

  2. My workloads are going to crash my head.

  3. My Mona the cat missing in action.

  4. Toothache haunted me again... not the pocong ok?

  5. So many things in mind, I can't even think wise right now.

  6. Baju bertimbun tak dilipat lagi. Aku nak orang gaji sekarang!

  7. Famili dah sibuk-sibuk suruh baca ayat itu ini supaya jodoh cepat sampai. Nak suruh aku kahwinlah tu??!

  8. I over spent my money.

  9. There are so many mosquitos and cicak bodoh in my homie

  10. I'm sleepy