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Isnin, 5 Januari 2009

No new entry for the time being

I had to tell you this, my laptop lappy got sick. I put him under Abg Azha's control. Until when? I'm not sure. It's been a month already.

Me gonna miss you.

I did some auto-schedule entry, but not much. Keep reading my blog. I still doing my blog walking but no posting.... Sob..sob..sob...


Edited on 24th Dec 2008;

Kepada darling semua, since my lappy dah masuk workshop. I just can do moderation on comments only. I can't see your wat-ever-messages in my shoutout box since i can only access the internet in the office. Maklumlah, government used to block here and there, so should you leave me a comment instead of messages in shoutbox.
Currently i'm paying me streamyx without using it.
Rasa cam bodoh pun ada.